Color Sessions Tour: Stop #1- New Renaissance

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Color Sessions Tour: Stop #1- New Renaissance


The Renaissances of Chicago & Harlem changed the world! From music & art to food & business, each era gave us legends who’s impacts are still being felt today. Today, we are in a new era of renaissance and the people we are around now will be legends in the future. Why not celebrate them.

We wanted to start this tour off right, so we decided to make our 1st stop the New Renaissance! This Color Session tour is an exclusive event were unique & amazing people, in their own right, come together and enjoy a night of art, food, and a live performance.

Here is the run down of Renaissance Stop

  • Theme: Renaissance

  • Seating: 25 seats ONLY

  • Date: 10/28/18

  • Location: South Shore 7545 s Yates

  • Dress like you are going out

  • Private Chef

  • Installations

  • Live Performance

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